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Experience liveWhy asset management?


Track and manage your inventory from the start

Inventory management starts at the planning stage and at the initial request - with My SAM's software, employees can make workflow-based requests for new assets, and anyone can create and track requests. Administrators and users get a clear overview of requests with filters and deadlines, and with release workflows, comment function and email notifications, everyone stays up to date.

Best of all, the software automatically transfers the request data into the asset record, and store and order portal integration is also possible.

My SAM Inventory Management - Request Management

User management and authentication

My SAM Inventory Management - User Management

Stay flexible and secure with your inventory management

With My SAM, you can create either active platform users or entity-only users for asset allocation. You can define and manage administrator and user roles in the software as required. A 2-step registration ensures secure onboarding to the platform. Budgets can be set for employees to place orders within.

And if you already use Azure Active Directory, you can easily integrate it with My SAM and provide single sign-on for employees.

Inventory Taxonomies

Personalized inventory management

100% tailored to your business: My SAM lets you define categories and subcategories for devices, machines, subscriptions, and more. Create your own forms, including date, text, and dropdown fields to specify inventory. Define your company's own locations, from countries and cities to buildings, rooms, and home offices. Create quantity attributes to enable efficient management of licenses, subscriptions, stock and consumables. And with our "Out of Stock" emails, you automatically receive notifications when assets need to be reordered.

My SAM Inventory Management - Taxonomies

Inventory management

My SAM Inventory Management - Inventory Overview

Inventory management always at a glance

With our inventory management software you always keep track of your inventory. With a free-text search and filter options by location, user and asset category, you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for. In addition, request data and order data can be automatically transferred to the asset record. Annual, monthly, and one-time costs are distinguished, and in the detail view you can find images as well as linked documents such as invoices, instructions, and inspection records. The assignment history and the status of the asset from "new" to "damaged" are also visible.

QR codes and QR scanners

Track your assets anytime,

Have automated QR codes created during asset creation and conveniently print them to tag your assets. Scan the codes via mobile browser without having to install an additional app and retrieve the latest asset information. With My SAM, you can seamlessly manage employee onboarding and offboarding, and easily perform periodic inventories.

My SAM inventory management - QR codes and QR scanner

Refurbishing and Circular Economy

Sustainable inventory through refurbishing and reselling

Inventory sustainably by refurbishing and reselling with our software. With just a few clicks you can start the refurbish process for old or unused equipment and machines. Our partners will provide you with a cost estimate and take care of everything else (formal offer, logistics). Security is our top priority: audit-proof data deletion and data media destruction are carried out and documented in compliance with data protection regulations.

My SAM Inventory Management - Refurbish and Reslling

Dashboard / Reporting

My SAM Inventory Management - Reporting

All inventory key figures at a glance

With My SAM you always keep track of all important inventory key figures. See the development of your assets over time, by location and category, and keep an eye on monthly, annual and one-off costs. Digital inventory management also provides an overview of all open requests as well as all unused and available assets such as equipment, machines, licenses, subscriptions, stock and consumables. This allows you to better plan and optimize your inventory and expenses.

REST API, import and export

Integrate inventory data with third-party systems

Your inventory data is not isolated - My SAM allows seamless integration with other software applications and systems. Easily import data from third-party systems such as Excel lists or existing inventory management systems, or export My SAM data to other systems. In addition, My SAM provides a REST API for real-time data exchange with other applications such as financial software or ERP systems.

My SAM Inventory Management - REST API Import-Export

Inventory management in the cloud

My SAM Inventory Management - Cloud Data Protection

Your inventory management in safe hands

Thanks to My SAM's cloud technology, you save on installation and maintenance efforts. We take care of automatic updates of bug fixes and new features. Our hosting servers are located in Germany and are protected by SSL encryption. We also comply with the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) and conclude an order processing agreement with you. In doing so, we provide you with a list of our subcontractors and a description of the technical/organizational measures. This allows you to focus on the secure management of your inventory.

Automatic reminders

Never miss an important date again

Remembering important dates has never been easier. Do you want to schedule regular maintenance checks for your assets? Or keep track of warranty or subscription dates? Do important leases expire? Simply add these dates to your assets' profile data and let My SAM remind them for you.

My SAM Inventory Management - Reminders