Inventory of employee devices, IT hardware and corporate assets
efficient, cost-saving and sustainable

For companies, a functioning inventory of employee devices (notebooks, cell phones, etc.), IT hardware and other corporate assets is essential. Failure of these processes results in additional costs, disruptions in operational processes and a poor experience for employees. The founders of My SAM know these issues very well from their previous professional life and therefore decided to build a platform to optimize inventory for all stakeholders.

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Inventory challenges

The hell ride: annual inventory

My SAM employee chat inventory

Who doesn't know it? Once a year, most companies have to record their inventory for the annual financial statement. For many, this involves a great deal of effort, time and expense - inventory must be requested individually from each employee and reconciled with data from the financial software. And after that? Business as usual, and the same hellish ride awaits again in the following fiscal year, assuming that no continuous inventory takes place during ongoing operations.

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Lack of overview: Who, where, what, when?

  • Who has assigned which devices?
  • At which location?
  • Is there unused equipment that can be used elsewhere if necessary?
  • Is there inventory that is no longer needed?
  • Running out of inventory soon?

These questions cannot usually be answered ad hoc if inventory is not thought of as a process - from request to resale / disposal. Static maintenance of the inventory via - classics - Excel lists is error-prone, not scalable and also complicates dynamic processes, such as changes in allocations.

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Bumpy onboarding and offboarding

My SAM onboarding offboarding HR

But it's not just about the current inventory - future requirements for new employees, for example, are usually only recorded in rudimentary form via ticket systems. In the worst case, devices arrive too late at the employee's location or have to be reordered or changed. Conversely, the offboarding process can become cumbersome if it is unclear which devices are actually assigned to the employee. Worst case: devices simply disappear. In any case, there is a lot at stake - namely, in addition to productivity aspects, a good employee experience, which is essential for how employees perceive the culture and organization of a company.

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Poor cost and environmental balance

My SAM Sustainability Refurbishing Reselling

Unused equipment generates hidden costs and affects the profitability of a company. If there is no long-term need for this equipment, it can be resold or given to social institutions, for example. However, if the equipment ends up in the trash at some point, this contributes to a negative environmental balance sheet, but also to costs: On the one hand, one in four companies in Germany invests more than €100,000 to dispose of their equipment - a cost that can be significantly reduced. On the other hand, according to the World Economic Forum, around 50 million tons of electronic scrap are produced every year - and the trend is rising. The solution to this problem? Refurbishment or IT remarketing for cost-saving and environmentally conscious economic action.

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How can My SAM help me?

Transparency right from the start via integrated inquiry management

My SAM Request Management Inventory

With My SAM, asset management begins not when a newly purchased asset is first acquired, but when the need arises:

  • Employees or HR / IT / OfficeManager can submit requests for new equipment, office inventory or even subscriptions - this request is then routed to the appropriate administrator.
  • Stored workflows, comment functions and email notifications ensure a transparent process.
  • Administrators have access to all requests via dashboard and can filter them by various attributes (e.g. by location, employee, device type, deadlines).
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Asset Management & QR Code Labels

My SAM Asset Management QR Codes

Once a request is completed, the request data can be transferred as asset data - a unique ID is generated for the asset and a QR code is automatically generated, which is attached to the device as a label and can be read via mobile phone. Onboarding and offboarding processes are thus significantly simplified, and handover points to employees are documented in My SAM in a compliance-compliant manner.
Administrators can check the inventory using a variety of search and filter functions:

  • New screens are needed for location X? There are unused ones at location Y.
  • A new employee needs a notebook? First look for unused notebooks before considering a new purchase or lease.
  • A license contract is automatically renewed on a certain date? As an administrator, you will receive a notification and can then decide whether an extension makes sense or whether the subscription should be cancelled.
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Refurbishment and reselling

My SAM Sustainability Reselling IT Remarketing

Unused or no longer needed hardware (servers, notebooks, stationary computers, cell phones) can be easily sold to reselling / IT remarketing partners via My SAM. The hardware can be collected / dismantled on site without involving customer resources, and data can also be deleted on site. Security is the top priority: audit-proof data erasure / data media destruction is carried out in compliance with BSI and DSGVO, and seamless reporting guarantees a traceable and complete audit report.

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What are the advantages for my company?

  • My SAM supports companies in implementing a continuous inventory process so that the inventory is always kept up-to-date,
  • Saves costs by reselling old equipment
  • thus makes a valuable contribution to the sustainability balance sheet of companies
  • and increases employee satisfaction through simple and transparent processes
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