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January 23, 2023

How My SAM supports HR professionals

Make managing employee devices easier with My SAM. Avoid headaches caused by unforeseen delays in ordering new equipment, uncertainties in home office equipment distribution, and financial demands from ACTUAL inventory.

How My SAM supports HR professionals

Headache because...

...the notebook for the new employee who starts next week was ordered too late?
...due to the home office regulations since Corona, it is unclear which devices are in-house and which are at home with the colleagues? wants to know the ACTUAL inventory of employee devices by the end of the week?

My SAM provides a remedy:

- Simplification and automation of employee device management
- Support for employee onboarding and offboarding
- Simple and transparent processes for employees through integrated request management
- Sustainability 🌳 through the option of selling old devices directly via the platform

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