January 23, 2023

Why is refurbishing old hardware useful?

Refurbishing makes sense because it is a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to buying new. By refurbishing and repairing used equipment, it is restored to perfect condition and can be resold. This conserves resources and prevents waste.

Why is refurbishing old hardware useful?

- on the one hand, refurbishing / IT remarketing can help avoid electronic waste and thus protect the environment. When devices such as notebooks, PCs or cell phones are refurbished and reused, they are prevented from ending up in landfills and releasing pollutants into the environment.

- on the other hand, companies can generate revenue by selling discarded equipment and thus optimize their profitability - this equipment can then be offered on the consumer market mostly at a lower price than new equipment. In this way, people with lower incomes can also gain access to technical equipment.

- addition, refurbishing can also help improve the performance of old equipment and extend its service life. By replacing defective parts and cleaning the device, its functionality can be restored.

So overall, refurbishing old hardware offers many benefits to businesses, including cost savings, improving sustainability, and increasing equipment performance and longevity.

My SAM - Next Gen Asset Management offers an integrated reselling function for our customers as an inventory tool: Old devices or unused hardware can be sold directly to one of our reselling partners via our platform - security is our top priority: audit-proof data deletion / data media destruction are carried out and documented in compliance.

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