September 6, 2023

Optimize ordering processes through smart inventory management

Buyers and operational managers are constantly looking for innovative solutions to optimize ordering processes while improving cost control. This is where My SAM comes in: In this article, you'll learn how to transform your ordering processes to save time, resources and money through smart inventory management with My SAM.

Optimize ordering processes through smart inventory management

Centralized request management: Clear structure for smooth inventory management processes

My SAM Inquiry mask

Managing requests for new assets - be it IT hardware, equipment, machines or licenses, subscriptions and leases - can often be complicated, especially when done across different departments, teams and locations. My SAM greatly simplifies this process: employees, teams and departments can create requests for new assets, whether equipment for new employees, new machines or office supplies. You can decide which employees should have direct access to the platform and which are only available as entities to track allocations. Requests are tracked workflow-based, allowing you to keep track of the status and progress of requests. You also have the ability to set individual deadlines and set budgets per employee. This not only ensures on-time processing, but also optimizes cost control. Best of all, once a request is completed, the data from the request can be automatically transferred as a new inventory record - clever inventory management par excellence!

Precise tracking of stock and consumables: Always keeping an overview

My Sam asset mask - example printer paper with inventory information, availability field and set up reminder for stock check

Precise control of inventory and consumables such as raw materials, office supplies and spare parts is of great importance in order to avoid bottlenecks and delays. On the other hand, inventory management should function efficiently: it makes little sense, for example, to record every single screw or every package of printer paper individually as an asset. My SAM therefore offers you the option of storing and tracking volumes for "bulk assets", be it for printer paper, office supplies or other consumables. But that's not all: the software also allows you to set automatic reminders to regularly check inventory. This allows orders to be triggered in a timely manner, ensuring that you always have enough supplies to keep your business running smoothly.

Optimal use of resources by avoiding under- and overruns

My SAM dashboard with asset development (breakdownable by location / asset category), cost development, open requests and depot (showing which assets are available)

To avoid over- and under-ordering, My SAM offers a variety of functions: The depot function on the dashboard gives you a clear overview of all available assets. You can decide immediately whether a new asset needs to be ordered or whether an existing, available asset can be accessed. No research, cumbersome inquiries - everything is visible at a glance. This not only makes it easier to identify available assets, but also prevents unnecessary over-ordering. You can assign assets multiple times, whether for licenses, subscriptions or other applications. Additionally, My SAM allows you to set up automatic notifications for critical assets. This way, you receive a warning if the inventory falls below a certain value. This ensures not only optimal inventory management, but also timely replenishment to prevent delays in operations.

You can also see trends via historical tracking of asset orders - filtered by asset category and location, the tracked data then enables deeper analysis:  

- Are there seasonal peaks in orders for certain assets?
- Are orders for assets in a certain category increasing?
- Why does location X order a comparatively large number of assets even though it employs fewer people than location Y?

Maximum return with the "End of Life" approach

Once assets have reached the end of their useful life, this does not necessarily mean the end of their use. My SAM gives you the option of selling depreciated equipment internally to employees. This not only creates an additional source of revenue, but also avoids high disposal costs. In addition, you can sell old or unused IT hardware to resellers to generate a financial return here as well. My SAM promotes sustainable and profitable management of your assets, which not only relieves your budget but also protects the environment.

Conclusion: Inventory management as a basis for improved ordering processes

My SAM opens a new era in ordering process optimization: the software not only provides efficient management of requests and assets, but also promotes sustainable and cost-effective business practices. From centralized request management to maximizing resource utilization, My SAM is your trusted partner for smooth and efficient inventory management.

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