January 23, 2023

Digitization of inventory processes with My SAM

Digitization doesn't have to be complicated and expensive - with My SAM, you can map the complete inventory process of your devices from inquiry to reselling.

Digitization of inventory processes with My SAM

⭐ Manage any asset: whether notebooks/cell phones for employees, construction machinery, tools, rental equipment, or office inventory
⭐ Employee centricity: through the integrated request management, each employee can create rule-based requests for new equipment and track them transparently
⭐ the application generates a unique QR code for each asset, which can be attached to the device as a label and read via mobile device
⭐ HR and IT professionals are always up to date about new requests and the current use of devices (assignment to employee, which location, unused / unassigned devices)
⭐ old / unused devices can be sold to reselling partners via My SAM

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