January 23, 2023

3 reasons for the implementation of a sustainable digital inventory manager

A digital and inventory manager allows inventory to be taken more efficiently and accurately, reducing the costs of businesses. But there are two other important reasons for implementing systematic asset management.

 3 reasons for the implementation of a sustainable digital inventory manager


According to a study by Gartner, organizations that implement IT-based inventory management can reduce their asset costs by 30% in the first year and by 5-10% in subsequent years (Gartner Inc, CS-17-113: Using IT Asset Management to Ensure Software Compliance, Patricia Adams, July 29, 2002). Organizations with a functioning IT asset management have 15% less TCO (total cost of ownership). The largest savings are in purchasing (160%), disposal (60%) and operations (44%).

Sustainability through refurbishing

Refurbishing is the restoration of used products to a technically and visually perfect condition, and it is a sensible practice because it offers both economic and ecological advantages.The manufacture of a notebook (SSD) causes an average of 311 kg of CO2e - by comparison, a mid-range gasoline engine emits approx. 25kg of CO2 per 100 km (city traffic). If old and unused IT hardware is returned to the economic cycle through refurbishing / IT remarketing, CO2 emissions can be measurably saved(, electronic waste is reduced and the service life of devices is extended.

Employee satisfaction

In a survey conducted by Nintex ("Definitive Guide to America's Most Broken Processes"), 62% of respondents report non-functional IT processes in their organization, with 43% citing the provision of equipment to new employees as the top 2 "broken process"(, which in addition to lost productivity can lead to unhappy employees with negative consequences for the company.

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