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My SAM Inventory Software

With My SAM inventory software you manage and organize your inventory from anywhere at any time. You can see the inventory and status of your inventory and know where which asset is located. It's super easy, cost-saving and sustainable.

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Why inventory of devices and IT hardware?

Simple. Powerful.
Inventory software for all scenarios

You define your inventory, My SAM controls the inventory workflow.
No matter what it is - IT hardware, smartphones, devices, machines, licenses or stock and consumables.

My SAM Inventory - notebooks laptops computer hardwareMy SAM Inventory - Keyboard keyboard hardwareMy SAM Inventory Smartphone Mobile PhoneMy SAM Inventory - Printer Printer HardwareMy SAM Inventory - earpods airpods headphonesMy SAM Inventory - Licenses SubscriptionsMy SAM inventory tabletMy SAM Inventory monitor

My SAM Assets, People & Org

Inventory software is only for IT? Nope.
The lifecycle of an asset involves a multitude of roles in companies.
My SAM maps them.

  • Request management, self-service portal and inventory software in one application
  • Automatic transfer of request data into an asset record and generation of a QR code for labeling and tracking assets
  • Create your own taxonomies (locations, asset categories) and create your own custom form fields
  • Creation of various reminders (out of stock, warranty expiration, etc.)
  • Re-selling of hardware and equipment no longer required
  • manifold reporting functions
My SAM for administrators and IT
  • Create requests on-behalf for new employees via the request portal (hardware, devices, licenses, subscriptions, office inventory).
  • Requests always at a glance
  • Definition of budget ceilings per employee
  • Accurate onboarding and offboarding
  • Automated communication of status updates
  • happy employees 😊
My SAM Inventory for HR
  • Access to the self-service portal through which requests for new hardware, devices and other assets are posted
  • Overview of the status of requests
  • Real-time notifications for orders
  • Overview of personally assigned assets
  • Always up to date and transparent communication through e-mail notifications and comment functions
  • Possibility to purchase unused hardware and equipment from the company
My Sam Inventory Management

My SAM Features

Our inventory software offers a comprehensive solution for companies of all sizes, from procurement to refurbishing. With user-friendly functions, you can efficiently manage and optimize your inventory data. In doing so, you always have full control over your assets and can maintain an overview. The cloud-based platform ensures maximum security and data protection. In addition, you can seamlessly integrate inventory management with other applications.
Discover all the features of inventory management
My SAM Features Inventory

The my SAM founders
Experience and innovative strength

Simon Schramm My SAM
Simon Schramm
Founder // Business

Simon has more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of digitization projects. During this time as a Delivery Center Director for a large IT company, he was responsible for the operational implementation of international projects as well as winning new customers in the enterprise environment and thus making a significant contribution to the company's growth.

Alexander Assimidis
Founder // Technology

Alexander is the technical driver behind my SAM. He brings over a decade of experience in automation, AI, e-commerce, as well as native app development for international companies in the enterprise environment to the team. He not only keeps an eye on the latest web tech trends, but team leadership, usability, and user experience are also part of his focus.

Marc Hußnätter
Founder // Finance & Operations

Marc's know-how is based on his economic profession, which completes the team with his experience in Finance & Operations. Focused work, an eye for details as well as sustainability are in his blood. His focus is complemented by several years of experience in project engineering.

Founder // Claims

In his role as Claims Manager, Maple is able to impress with his communicative and assertive personality. The native Canadian is used to asserting his requirements in a fast-paced business environment.

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